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St. Andrew's Dental Centre

Is the office friendly and caring to you when you call: Not just being polite, do they take time to listen to your concerns over the phone, do they ask your permission to put you on hold or just do it leaving you hanging for minutes.

Where do specialists or other dentists go: Here's a little secret if you want to find the best technically apt dental clinic in your city…find out who is the specialist's dentist. Who do they put there trust in? Especially an endodontist as they often see who does bad root canals (they would avoid going to those clinics).

What do the reviews say: Check out a few dental clinic's reviews. What do they say? Read several carefully and read the negative reviews too. Are there a lot of reviews? Do they actually sound like they are from patients or are just fake sounding?

How far away from work or home: Which city do you spend most of your time, where you work or where you live? Sometimes, it's easier to pop by for an appointment over lunch time near work so it doesn't disrupt your day too much.

Payment plans: Some dentists offer payment plans for larger treatment. So, if you haven't been in a long time and need elaborate dental work, the upfront cost can be broken down into easy to manage monthly payments. That way, you can get the smile you want and prevent future problems (no one wants to be all gums when they are older, eating only soft foods) within reason.

Insurance: Do they take your insurance? Some dental offices will take your insurance upfront and you only pay the difference (called assignment of benefits). But even if they don't, these days you can get your reimbursement within 1-3 days so most people will pay with credit card and have that paid off when they get the direct payment from the insurance company.

Family Friendly: Some offices cater to families and some do not. If you have small kids, ask them if they do free hair rides and count the kid's teeth.

Dental Anxiety: Do you either hate, feel anxious or nervous at the dentist? If so, that could mean that you delay going in for years, meanwhile your mouth could be in need of treatment to prevent problems later on such as cavities, gum disease, bad breath and so on.

Using the above guide, one can choose a great dental office that fit's their family's needs. Because people stay with their office for years sometimes decades, it is definitely worth your time to do the above work as it will pay off with a great long-term relationship that's beneficial to you and your family.

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St. Andrew's Dental Centre

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